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We believe in the human potential for greatness.

We are dedicated to empowering individuals, teams and organizations to drive innovation and exponential growth in the face of any challenge.

We believe the greatest time in history is NOW.


Our Purpose

In the Age of Creativity, innovation, agility and discipline are paramount to an organization’s success. Nonetheless, many organizations still employ a linear approach to growth – engaging in transactional decision-making and trading on principles to meet short-term demands, both of which lead to an eventual inability to meet strategic, long-term objectives.

In order for an organization to thrive, they must actively transform into a principle-based exponential organization founded on a culture of continuous improvement and peak performance.

At Aiki Partners, we are driven to help teams navigate the transition from a position of uncertainty to that of limitless possibilities. Our disciplined approach is based upon the foundational principles that we have gathered and honed throughout our years of experience in special operations, professional sports, financial markets, mergers and acquisitions and business operations.

Rooted in principle and tailored to today’s technological environment, our approach allows us to galvanize an organization’s purpose, catalyze structures that execute against strategically nested objectives and partner with teams to ignite a winning culture, and ultimately, drive innovation and exponential growth.

The 5 challenges

Our foundational premise is that the greatest challenges organizations face do not originate from an external threats, rather they stem from internal sources. These internal conflicts can greatly hinder an organization’s ability to align, adapt and respond to obstacles as they inevitably arise.

Internal misalignments and resistance ultimately lead to a failure to meet tactical and strategic objectives. In some instances, internal challenges are very clearly linked to identifiable causes while others, unfortunately, are less obvious to pinpoint.

Our Mission

We are passionate about enabling teams to transform into winning organizations — those that can drive sustained innovation and exponential growth. As part of our disciplined approach, our typical client engagement is as follows

Align the leadership team to operate from clear and common purpose
Design the organization to match current and predicted critical path priorities
Partner to build an exponential culture of innovation and execution

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